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At Macalent, we believe that engine transplants should be seamless with complete transparency to a stock look and feel. 

For those of you looking to drive a daily driver with an extra added punch will gain value in the quality of these engine transplant swaps. 

Only when you turn that key will the pride kick in...

*Note that these claims assume that you provide the base car and engine/transmission to transplant.

​Further information can be found in the swap writeups

E30 M62/S62 V8 4.4L/5.0L Transplant 


This is a brand new addition to the family. This not only describes all of the shared mechanical information as that in the M60 Write-up, but there is a deep electrical difference in many aspects of this swap including:

True OBD II Functionality

Electronic Pedal

Custom Exhaust Headers

ECU Flashing - AlphaN

Custom Air Intake

Carbon Canister connections

Sport Button E30 Retrofit

This swap is claimed to be

done with less than $5100 

and under 2.7 Months*!

Always Improve, Never Settle...

BMW E30 M30 3.5L Transplant


This tried and true write-up has been completely re-invented to give you the best quality and service. 

You can complete this swap in a day-by-day instructional with less than $1000 and under 1 month*.

Will you take the

challenge and

stand out?

E30 E30 M60 V8 4.0L Transplant 


As this write-up is only 1 year old, this next generation of the E30 M60 swap is going to be the benchmark of what all affordable E30 Engine Swaps should be!

You can complete this swap in a day-by-day instructional with less than $1800 and under 8 weeks*!

The V8 Swap is a whole different world, but with over 200 pages of detailed how-to information!

Build it

Drive it

Hear it!